Friday, April 10, 2009

Eilat - Apirl 4th

I don't know who's idea it was to take another all day field trip the day after our return to Galilee, and while I was kind of upset at first it ended up to be a good thing. The morning came quick and early (in fact I'm not sure I felt like I slept much at all), and then we were on a bus on our way to Eilat. A portion of the Red Sea (I have now seen Med and Red...I'm still waiting for Dead), this area contains some beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs. It was an optional field trip but almost everyone signed up, and so at 6:00 in the morning we all clambered on to the bus and started our trek back to Egypt...almost. It was a very long bus ride and most people were pretty calm due to exhaustion and so we slept most of the way there.
When we arrived we got all geared up with snorkeling equipment and headed out to the beach! We were a little disappointed because the weather didn't look as promising as it had the few days before - in fact it was fairly overcast and a bit windy as well. That was ok though because as soon as we plunged in to the freezing cold water we soon warmed up and were out enjoying the fish and the sites. Unfortunately I found I was a fairly poor swimmer! Something I had not realized before, and I inhaled quite a bit of salt water - I guess those swimming lessons as a child didn't do a whole lot for me (sorry Mom and Dad!)
When we finished swimming we spent some more time on the beach relaxing, chatting, and enjoying our non-Ein-Gev sack lunches (the pitas from the JC are much tastier). We then set out for the boardwalk nearby to explore a bit and do some shopping. Then it was off to dinner at the same Kibbutz we ate at on our way to Egypt. The food was decent and the gelato that came after was incredible - just what the doctor ordered. Or what the professors ordered...either way! So that was fun experience and something else to add to the incredilbe list of experiences I've had in the Holy Land!


  1. Hey Richelle!! this is Taylor not Lara.
    Dang 4 months has gone by extremely fast! but when i think about how long its been since i saw you last and drove around with you and your mom in the snow in your Bug, it seems like a lifetime has passed since we were graced by your presence. I'm in a hurry to get to work, but if i wasn't i would probably write you just as much on this comment as you have on your entire blog just telling you how much Lara has missed you and can't wait to see you. (not to mention how much Caden misses his "auntie richelle" :D ). ok, ok i have missed you too.. :) i just can't wait to see lara get out of the house and play with someone that was as good of a friend to her as you were. long have been the days since you left us, but you are coming home in less than a week.. 5 days to be exact ( if your arrival date is the 23rd?) but who is counting right?

    Have tons of fun and be safe!!
    TLC out!

  2. Nice comment Taylor. Richelle better come and visit soon. I taught Richelle to take pictures of people sleeping!